The spiritual influence of the Dog Heads has only spread since being separated from their humble commercial beginnings. Bishop Joey, the High Prelate (and chief dishwasher) of The 1st Church of the Last Laugh decreed the Dog Heads official church icons in 1996. As such they make an annual visitation at the annual “St. Stupids Day Parade” the Churches High Holy day which falls on April 1st of each year. This year (2000) the event meets just before noon on April 1st at the Pointy Building downtown (The TransAmerica Pyramid).

Visit Bishop Joeys website: www.saintstupid.com/for more information.

These enigmatic Doggie Diner dog heads have mysterious ties to The Cacophony Society and The First Church of the Last Laugh. They are reported to have a direct affilation with PETA (People Eatn Them Animals) and have been sighted at the annual ArtCar Fest.

Their primary function is as patron saints of the Dogminican Order (a cloistered and kenneled sect of the church). This holy trinity of ecclesiastical canines is rarely together in one place. Suppressed Vatican documents declare that if a quorum (13 of the original 25) of dogheads ever gathers, world peace will break out (putting the Catholics and other fattening creeds out of business for good!).