This is our archive of the known history of the Doggie Diner Restaurant chain from it�s founding in 1949 to its ever so sad end in 1986. If you have in you posession any articles or other historical information and/or artifacts that you do not see represented here in this website, we want to copy them for posterity. Please contact us!

There will be a lot more in the doggie days to come…

In the meantime, enjoy our PDF library!

Articles about restoring the Sloat St. Doggie:
Articles about the Doggie Road Trip to NY

General Articles about Doggie History

Doggie Designers Obituary

Doggies in Emeryville

Doggies in Dogpatch

Facetime in the Cronicle

Historical Archive:

Guardian Cover 1998

Skulldoggery (SF mag)

2 Dogs

Jon Carroll

SF board of Supervisors. 1/19/200

Super Pet Sunday

East Bay Express: Doggie D-day

How Berkeley can you be? 1998

How Berkeley can you be? Chron: ’97

In sync 1996

Joel Schechter  (Ocean beach Historical Society)

Nightcrawler: Dog Craze

Nightcrawler: Parade

Peter Saiers: 6/10/99

Last Doggie (city mag)

Scott Ostler:

Great Art