Head Trip – Doggie Diner Dogheads trip across the US to NYC


The Doggie Diner movie was shown at the Roxie Cinema back in
April 2008. This is the archive information for the show.

HEAD TRIP (85 minutes)
Theatrical Premiere
A documentary film by John Law and Flecher Fleudujon. Produced by Central Services andTruth Serum Productions In affiliation with Laughing Squid www.laughingsquid.com

Filmmakers, John Law & Flecher Fleudujon “LIVE” INTERVIEW / Q&A by V. Vale
John Law: is an original member of the Suicide Club, charter member of the Cacophony Societyand co-founder of thes Burning Man festival
Flecher Fleudujon: is a film professional and co-founder of the The Yard Dogs Road Show & Review.

Contact: john@laughingsquid.com 510-543-5054

FULL RE/Search Press Release:
RE/Search Publications, 20 Romolo #B, San Francisco CA 94133.
tel 415 362 1465. email: info@researchpubs.com www.researchpubs.com

Subject: PRANKS FILM FESTIVAL w/Live Interviews/Q&As
RE/Search Publications

The First Annual Pranks Film Festival
April 1, 2, 3 at The Roxie Cinema
3117 16th Street by Valencia, San Francisco CA 94133
Tickets $10 per day for all shows.
Ticket and other information:

Benefit for RE/Search Publications and Todd Blair of SRL.
For interviews or more information please contact
RE/Search Publications
TEL (415) 362-1465
EMAIL: info@researchpubs.com

TUES, APRIL 1, 2008:

“Best of Faux” selected shorts for Pranks Film Festival
Introduced by Faux Film Festival Director, Mike Shkolnik, Portland, OR
Titles of films:

12 Hot Women, Jimmy’s House of Hugs, Superciliary Exercise Program, !The Inedible Bulk, Truth In Advertising, The Strange Case of Ray Milland, Zombie Vegetarians, New Testament, Reemco Atomic Broom, Zombie-American, Torsten Kretchzmar – Entschlossenheit

COYLE & SHARPE PILOT (20 min.)The Impostors TV Pilot 1965 with host George Fenneman (Groucho Marx’s sidekick on YOU BET YOUR LIFE.)
Coyle and Sharpe were the early masters of street pranks and puts-ons. Using hidden microphones, they clandestinely recorded their bizarre encounters with unsuspecting citizens on the streets of San Francisco in the 1960’s.
LIVE INTERVIEW / Q&A w/ MAL SHARPE by V. Vale (20 min.)

ABEL RAISES CAIN: a documentary by Jenny Abel and Jeff Hockett (82 min.)

Long before the deluge of reality TV dolts who drum up media attentionwith acts of idiocy, there was Alan Abel, a culture-jamming comic wit a conscience. The director of the 1970s cult films IS THERE SEX AFTER DEATH? and THE FAKING OF THE PRESIDENT, Abel has made a name for himself several times over with media stunts that are just ridiculous enough to be believable � especially to a media that feeds on salacious, far-fetched stories. Abel’s mock-moral crusade “Citizens Against Breastfeeding” stirred controversy in the late 1990s, just as his “Society for Indecency to Naked Animals” had in the 1960s. Both groups made asinine calls for morality in America, and while both were complete jokes, for long stretches the only one in on the jokes was Abel himself and whomever he had brought along for the ride. From time to time, that “whomever” was his daughter, Jenny Abel. ABEL RAISES CAIN is Jenny’s film, and it is as much a biography of her father as it is an exploration of her family life. What was it like to be raised by a man who always had a trick up his sleeve, and whose tricks always brought the media vultures swirling? Jenny was ostensibly in on the jokes, but, as we see in this oddly poignant film, it was never easy being raised by the one throwing the punch lines. (Patton Dodd, IFFB)

PRANKS SHORTS From Faux Film Festival
(REPEAT of 5 PM show – see above)

WED April 2, 2008:

The Yes Men documentary (90 min)
The story follows Andy and Mike from their beginnings with GWBush.com, and on to their tasteless parody of the WTO’s website. Some visitors don’t notice the siteis a fake, and send speaking invitations meant for thereal WTO. Mike and Andy play along with the ruse andsoon find themselves attending important functions as WTO representatives. Delighted to speak for the organization they oppose, Andy and Mike don thrift-store suits and set out to shock their unwitting audiences with darkly comic satires on global free trade. Weirdly, the expertsdon’t notice the joke and seem to agree with everyterrible idea the two can come up with. Exhausted by their failed attempts to shock, Mike andAndy take a whole new approach for one final lecture. The Yes Men is directed by Dan Olman, Sarah Price, andChris Smith, whose previous credits include the 1999Sundance Winner “American Movie.” It was released byUnited Artists.

Shorts ahead of feature: San Francisco experimental films: “Nectar of the Cyclops” by Rock Ross, and “Hot Leatherette” by Robert Nelson (total time 10 min.)


CULTURE JAM: Hijacking Commercial Culture (50 min.)
CultureJam: Hijacking Commercial Culture” delivers a fascinating rap on the 20th centurymovement called “Culture Jamming”. Won the AudienceChoice Awards at both the Vancouver and AucklandInternational Film Festivals and was selected for over35 international festival screens. Nominated for theprestigious Donald Brittain Award for Best SocialIssue Documentary, it went on to win the Leo Award forBest Social Issue Documentary & Best Editing. Aired on CBC Newsworld and Vision TV, Canada and TRIO networking United States. Directed by Jill Sharpe.

BLF Guests: Blank De Coverly (CIO for BLF), and Milton Rand Kalman (chief scientist for BLF) Live Interview/Q&A by V. Vale

Will be followed by:
“Art of Bleeding” by REVEREND AL (L.A. Cacophony Society) (3 min.)
“STINK” by DEAN SNIDER (5 min.)
“Army Girls Gone Wild” by Jihad Jerry of DEVO (4 min.)
PRANKS VIDEO from RE/Search: excerpt of Joe Coleman segment (8 min.)
Plus additional local experimental shorts (total time: approx. 25 min.)

CHURCH OF STOP SHOPPING Feature Documentary by REVEREND BILLY (85 min.)
Produced by Morgan Spurlock and directed by Rob VanAlkemade, this docu-comedy follows our trials and triumphs across the country as The Reverend Billy and his choir preach and sing to help holiday-abused Americans find a new Christmas without products. The film has played throughout the US, bringing Fair Trade activists and Evangelical Christians together in darkened movie theaters, emerging with new tools to BUY LESS and GIVE MORE!
Preceded by these short films:
– Taking the Night by FRANK DISCUSSION (3 min.)
– PRANKS VIDEO from RE/Search: excerpt of Frank Discussion segment (8 min.)


THUR APRIL 3, 2008:

ST STUPIDS DAY PARADE shot by Marian Wallace (20 min)
Joey Skaggs video collection from his press pranks (15 min)
The Not-Yet-Ascended Master of media manipulation, who recently appeared on prime-time television for his invention: “The Bullsh*t Detector.”
Harmon Leon Show (25 min) Harmon Leon will appear in person presenting a representation of his media pranks. Harmon Leon is one of America’s top infiltrators and media pranksters. His films have appeared
at festivals all around the world. He is also the author of six books, including the upcoming
Brother’s Rjukerooka (RE/Search Books), and The American Dream

Santa Rampage 95 (10 min) by CHUCK CIRINO
A hilarious doc of the 2nd annual Santarchy event in SF. See the notorious event that launched a million Santa�s. See Santa drink, see Santa sing, see Santa cavort. See Santa arrested!
CAR HUNT by CHUCK CIRINO (10 min.) Car Hunt is the now legendary event organized in 1995 where a group of friends took an Oldsmobile station wagon and added steel re-enforcements, setup a system where they could drive it via remote control and then “hunted” it down in a Nevada desert using an assortment of guns while riding in chase vehicles.
PRANKS VIDEO from RE/Search, Karen Finley segment (8 min.)


HEAD TRIP (85 minutes)
Theatrical Premiere
A documentary film by John Law and Flecher Fleudujon. Produced by Central Services and Truth Serum Productions In affiliation with Laughing Squid www.laughingsquid.com

Filmmakers, John Law & Flecher Fleudujon “LIVE” INTERVIEW / Q&A by V. Vale
John Law is an original Suicide Club member, charter member of the Cacophony Society and co-founder of Burning Man festival
Flecher Fleudujon is a film professional and co-founder of the Yard Dogs Roadshow & Revue



**Todd Blair Benefit**
MAKER FAIRE, 2007, SRL machine demonstration video (10 min.)
SRL at LAB, 2003, SRL machine demonstration video (3 min.)
PRANKS VIDEO from RE/Search, Mark Pauline segment (8 min.)
LIVE INTERVIEW / Q&A with MARK PAULINE or other SRL crew member TBA
UC Berkeley Art Museum, 2007, DUAL SCREEN video of machine demonstration (22 min.)