Howdy! This is an Archive of a past HEAD TRIP film event:


Doggie Diner Movie at the Roxy!




Rythmix Cultural Works
2513 Blanding Ave.
Alameda, CA.

Saturday, January 26th
2PM – Midnight
Film shows twice, 4PM & 9PM
$10 at door / $8 in advance -
World Premier:

Head Trip
A documentary film by John Law and Flecher Fleudujon
"An insane roller coaster of a ride during the opening salvos of the Iraq war. See a bus-load of San Francisco characters careen across our nation on a quixotic journey to The Big Apple. They drop in on noteworthy American monuments and oddball artists along the way with their own "roadside attraction, three giant Dog Heads in tow! A good will trip like no other I've seen, at a time most needed."
-Louis Castaigne

See trailer at:

Contact: / 510-543-5054 / 510-444-8844 / 510-495-5296

Also - performances by:
Mr. Lucky
Bishop Joey of the First Church of the Last Laugh
Blake More
Phat Mandee

Mongo Lounge

sound and images by KrOB

members of S.F. Cyclecide
thanks to Jon Sarriugarte & Art Bar
& Chicken John Rinaldi
and More!

Free roundtrip bus ride from SF to Alameda:

Jarico Reese & the Cyclecide bus will be at:
2PM: Ace Auto at 2255 McKinnon
2:15PM: Ritual Roasters at 1026 V alencia St.
3PM: Nations Burgers, 317 Broadway (Jack London Sq. - 7 blocks from 12th St. Bart)

Chicken John & the Applause bus will be at:
7:15PM: Ace Auto at 2255 McKinnon
7:30PM: Ritual Roasters at 1026 V alencia St.
8:00PM: Broadway and Nations Burgers, 317 Broadway (Jack London Sq. - 87 blocks from 12th St. Bart)
buses return to all previous stops, leaving midnightish

Movie info:

Head Trip
85 minutes
A documentary film by John Law and Flecher Fleudujon

Produced by Central Services and Truth Serum Productions
In affiliation with Laughing Squid

This film chronicles the journey of the Bay Area’s iconic “Doggie Diner Heads” on a singular cross-country trek to New York City.

Just as the bombs started falling on Baghdad in early 2003, some of San Francisco most eccentric performers and whimsical characters (Bishop Joey/Ed Holmes, Steven Raspa, Blake More, Jarico Reese, etc.) set out for New York City accompanied by three ten foot tall, three hundred pound fiberglas Dachshund Heads. Careening across America, the crew visits the Grand Canyon, Graceland, the Gateway Arch, Mt. Rushmore, the Washington Monument and many other celebrated roadside attractions along the way. Hauled in tow behind the SF Cyclecide Bike Rodeo’s 1966 Gillig Autobus, the Doggies encounter the spirit of America during a confusing period. Roadside encounters with citizens and rendezvous with eccentric artist comrades through out the “Middle” States are the heart of this journey.

Head Trip is narrated by KPFA radio personality, cartoonist, erudite master of ceremonies, high priest of the Church of the SubGenius and national treasure Hal (Dr. Howlin Owl) Robins.

Interview subjects include: cartoonist Bill Griffith (Zippy the Pinhead), Ron Turner (Last Gasp Comix), Harold Bachman (designer of the Doggie motif in the 1950’s) Cyclecide impresario Jarico Reese, and tough guy screenwriter & novelist Floyd Salas.

Music by: The Billy Nayer Show, Savage Republic, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Chicken John Rinaldi, Psychic TV, Phat Mandee, Sprocket Ensemble, The Phenomenauts, The Yard Dogs Roadshow, Nervous Cabaret, Polkacide, Kathy McKarty (singing Daniel Johnson,) Los Banos and Three Day Stubble.

Directors Bios:

John Law:
-San Francisco Suicide Club (1977-82)
-San Francisco Cacophony Society (1986-__)
-Burning Man Operations Manager & co-owner (1990-96)
-Crew member, prop designer for Survival Research Laboratories. (1990-___)
-Co-owner of Laughing Squid, web-host & SF’s best Arts/Pranks info portal
-This is my first film.

Flecher Fleudujon:
-Instructor, Video and film production, New College of San Francisco.
-Producer/Director Truth Serum a Bay Area cable TV show since 1998.
-Co-Founder of SF’s finest burlesque revue, The Yard Dogs Road Show
This is my first feature length film.