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Ode to the Doggie Diner Sign

By  D.S. Black

By D.S. Black

By  D.S. Black

By D.S. Black

Rising above the zoo-clinging fog
The towering form of a chef hat-clad dog
Blissfully unaware of the imminent vote
That threatens to evict him from his home on Sloat.

No childhood trip to the zoo was complete
Unless we stopped off at the diner to eat
Not one of the zoo creatures quite caught my eye
Like the fiberglass dachshund aloft in the sky.

We live in a town in a time that I fear
Will serve to destroy all the things once held dear
An icon so cherished, majestic, and grand
Should not be allowed to vanish like Playland.

He’s the last of the litter, a vanishing breed
Of dogs that would hover while humans would feed
Please vote to secure the place of the Doggie
Brightening the sky ’round the zoo when it’s foggy.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise Delaney/Patty O’Furniture

Deacon Melmoth Speaks – the Doggie Diner Blog

Words from the curator of the Doggie Heads – John W. Law  This is the latest : Kickstarter Campaign  launches on January 7th, 2013

Contact: John Law Cell Phone: 510-543-5054


Twitter: @johnwlaw


Doggie Diner Heads in Jeopardy

Some of the last few of the Doggie Diner heads, the mascots of the beloved former fast-food chain, are in desperate need of restoration.

This Project will only be funded if we raise all of the $48k by Sat, Feb 8th, 3:00pm EST. Find Us by going to the Kickstarter website and typing “doggie diner” into the search box, or visit us directly by typing this link into your Consider donating as little as $1 to help us keep this vestige of the city’s past from fading away like old photographs. If you’d like more information about the Doggie Diner Restoration Project, or to schedule an interview with John Law please email or send him a tweet @johnwlaw. Kickstarter campaign  page: A collection of high resolution photos can be downloaded by clicking here. Unless otherwise noted, all photo attribution should go to: Scott Beale/Laughing Squid.