July, 2001

Chandler's Pics

Doggie Photos!

Restored Doggie!

Holy Trinity of the Dogminican Order

Deacon John!  St. Stupid's day.

St. Stupid's w/ MM

How Berkeley Can you be?:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

On the Glen Ellen Ranch:

On the Ranch

Two doggies

Two Doggies Again

Doggies in the sun

Who's lookin' at who?


Lookin' up

At Home in Emeryville:

Roof Doggies

Puppy Love

3d Doggies

To see it in 3D you will need to cross your eyes.Cross your eyes until you see three images. Focus on the middle image. Keep trying because it takes some practice. Align the images and focus on one part of the picture. Very soon you will see a new dimension and the image will pop out. Click on photos to see large versions.

Photo by d. Nut

Photo by d. Nut