June, 2001


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Dog Head Rededicated Sat. June 30th 2001

The City of San Francisco did the right thing and completely restored the Doggie Diner Dog Head that fell down at the Carousel Restaurant on April 1st of this year. They have actually made the Doggie better than ever. The head was stripped to the fiberglass, which was reinforced and repaired, thicker than ever. The badly rusted interior frame was replaced with a new stainless steel one. The original paint colors were matched and the finished coat was sealed in a weatherproof gel-coat. A brand new galvanized pole was made and set on a new improved footing. I was at the City Corporation yard three times to observe the progress and my professional opinion is that they did one hell of a job. Now they are going to unveil the Head at a huge party full of local politicians. Willie will be there, as will Ed Lee (DPW Director) and Supervisor Leland Yee. Sup Lee actually had a lot to do with saving the Doggie, so pat him on the back. Here's a partial list of the guys in the City who did the work and made the Doggie good for another forty:

S.F. Central Shops General Superintendent James Johnson, asst. Super Dave Del Grande along with DPW Assistant Honcho Charles Camilleri drove the project through the City bureaucracy (no small task).

The meticulous nose patterning and casting (off of our Doggie!) to make a new nose to replace the smashed one was done by Jerry Lee and Qing Du of Central Shops.

The fiberglass reproduction team was headed by Frank Mandrile and Tom Bencich.

Pete (the Painter) Misthos did the paint; carefully matching the original call-outs and using only the best weather and U-V resistant paint.

The pole was fabricated and installed by the guys at Central Shops as well.

The City kicked ass and really made it happen. They usually get flack from the public so congratulations are doubly in order this time for a job well done.

Some of the other folks that really helped out with this important rescue of a local icon are Joel Schecter and Dianna Scott of the Ocean Beach Historical Society who have been pushing for years to have the Doggie saved, restored, and preserved.

Debra Lehane of the S.F. Arts Commish was instrumental in convincing the City of the cultural and historical importance of the Dog Head.

Our three Dog Heads, Manny, Moe and Jack will be there for the festivities to see their sibling get the royal treatment. I will be in New York at the time and deeply regret not being able to attend. However long time Doggie attendant and local character Joseph Fenton will be driving the three Dog Heads to the commemoration and baby-sitting them during the event. Come on down to this "only in San Francisco" party and join in the festivities.

-Sebastian Melmoth, Cacophony Society & John Law, Laughing Squid, I